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ОбучениеThe ski club is, first of all, a school of skiing and snowboarding for children and adults.

The professional instructors (former sportsmen and competition winners) will help you to get familiar with ski technique and to improve it continuously in safe conditions.

During the training, the instructor is close to the trainee all the time. At each moment of time the instructor can regulate the slope speed or stop it, when necessary. For the trainees' safety and comfort, smooth slope start and stop were developed minimising falls and injury.

There are variety of different training programs available in our ski club: from single lesson to full course of ski / snowboard training at different levels. Moreover, in winter season, the course can be continued at Almaty famous ski resort - Chimbulak.


We developed unique training programs

Masterski is the ski school that provides unique opportunity to improve skiing technique equal to that used on real slopes. It helps to gain and improve essential experience of sliding and behaviour on real ski slopes, and that is during whole year.

Masterski ski club will open the school of skiing for children of different ages and skiing levels.

Skiers who received training on indoor slopes before going to ski resorts feel more confident and get less injuries on real slopes. 

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